Thursday, July 06, 2006

Holiday weekend

Our original plans for the four-day fourth of July weekend involved driving to the North Carolina mountains for our kayaking club's annual Week of Rivers celebration. This weeklong + festival is held every year from the weekend prior to the weekend following the fourth of July. It is nonstop paddling. Or hiking. Or biking. Or partying. It's just plain fun with folks we really enjoy. Because of the roof damage, we decided the responsible thing for these homeowners to do was to stay home and (have Jon) repair it. So the weekend unfurled as follows.

Friday night: roof repair.

Saturday: yardwork during the day, dinner at Humble Pie with our neighbors Jer and Selina (Jer used to be a chef at the Pie) and Horniblows Tavern for pool, ping pong, and frosty beverages made on the premises.

Sunday: preparations for Jer and Selina's 2nd annual Bocce Ball tournament. My contribution was salsa and guacamole with homegrown tomatoes. Jer's preparations involved research, painstaking measurements, the setting of goal posts, and mowing the grass Bocce course.

Given Jer's inclination towards the epicurean and his latest penchant for the grill, he also spent the entire day nursing two port butts. The little box in the upper right corner is full of wood chips he soaked in beer and other secret ingredients. This guy takes his butts and his balls seriously.

Behold the butts

The crowd waited patiently

Patience was rewarded

*Hopefully, this little tribute will render forgiveness for the day I walked into Jer's kitchen and asked, "Are you making Lipton's chicken noodle soup?" He wasn't--I'm pretty sure that a packet of unconstituted Lipton's chicken noodle soup has no place in Jer's pantry.

Monday: poolside recovery

Tuesday: Jon and I woke up at 6am to ride in the Spin Cycle's 14th annual Firecracker 50K. That is 32 miles. The race proceeds benefited the MS Society, although coming in at 2 hours and 8 minutes won me no trophy. Exhausted, we spent the remainder of the day relaxing and eating our way through the garden produce we had accumulated.

Burgers and caprese salad

Chipotle-cinnamon roasted vegetables with black beans, cheese, avocado, and salsa served on toasted tortillas

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