Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Husband

In no particular order of importance.

1. Jon is extraordinarily good natured in the mornings, despite the fact that I most definitely am not.

2. Jon makes the coffee in the morning, which helps immensely with item #1.

3. Jon readily accepts that despite being married and having lived together for two years, I continue to live my domestic life as a single person.

Example #1: I have a habit of leaving kitchen cabinet doors open, especially the upper ones. My reasoning has to do with economies of scale--why bother to close the doors when you might have to open them again in the near future? Jon rarely complains, but I worry that someday I just might give him a concussion.

Example #2: I leave clothes all over the bedroom floor. I don’t just leave clothes on our shared bedroom floor, but I also leave them on the floor of the guest bedroom that I have adopted as my “dressing room.” I don’t just leave said clothes in a single pile, but rather in individual piles correlating to entire outfits, littered across the room wherever I decided to peel them off. The piles could lead a stranger to believe that the body wearing them simply vaporized.

4. Jon does a lot of laundry. Perhaps to address item #3, example #2?

5. Jon does floors.

6. I have only mowed the grass once.

7. Jon makes sure that my vehicle gets regular oil changes and maintenance which is something I am really, really bad about.

8. Jon knows the difference between the taste and energy costs of a home-grown, in-season tomato and a store-bought tomato flown in from Holland in December. Jon appreciates fresh, local, and quality food, which is so gratifying because I love to cook with these ingredients.

9. Jon loves the T-dog as much as I do.

10. When one day I exclaimed, “Jon! We should be composting our kitchen scraps!”, he built this two-bay compost bin out of recycled wood pallets.

Even better, when one bay gets full, Jon cheerfully waters and rotates the compost. Notice that he is smiling!

It should be evident that I had no choice but to marry this man.

You may be left with the burning question, "What's in it for him?" Maybe one day he'll tell you.


Antonio said...

You two are awesome, Jon you should feel very honored to have a wife that does not mind telling the world how great you are. Aside from being great at what you do at work, great at living life, it is very apparent that you are great at being what you were meant to be for you and your wife.

Antonio said...

P.S. I think you are one of the most phenominal writers writing today, I look forward to reading your posts everyday.